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UK PPL Theory Exams

UK Private Pilots are required to pass a total of 9 theoretical knowledge exams


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The PPL requires 100 hrs of Theoretical Knowledge training which includes the following subjects:

Some of this 100 hrs may be conducted by distance learning/self study but at least 10% must be delivered by the instructor

You must be recommended by the Head of Training to take the final exam

The pass mark for UK CAA PPL written exams is 75%

Air Law

The regulations governing the rules of the air

Human Performance

The knowledge of human physical and psychological factors and their effect on our performance in aviation 


Weather is an important part of aviation. A pilot needs a have an understanding of how weather will develop and affect their operation 


Aviation safety depends of clear communication. We need to learn how to relay information in a standard way to avoid confusion


Pulling over and asking for directions is not so easy in the air! Learning navigation theory is the key to making life easier in the aircraft.

Principles of Flight

If we understand the physics of how the aircraft stays airborne, it makes it easy to keep it there.

Many accidents are caused by stalling the aircraft, which is covered by this subject to help us to avoid becoming statistics

Operational Procedures

Much like air law, if we ensure we are following standard procedures, we can avoid confusion and increase safety.

Flight Performance & Planning

Sound knowledge of how to prepare for and plan a flight is key returning to the ground safely

Aircraft General Knowledge

Technical knowledge is a vital aspect of safe operation of the equipment and will help you to understand, troubleshoot and manage emergency situations.

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