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Fourth of July Airplanes


Learn online with instructors experienced in teaching for the FAA, EASA and UK CAA pilot training systems.

Check out our Groundschool Courses for the UK PPL & FAA Private, Instrument and Commercial

FAA Flight Reviews & Instrument Proficiency Checks in the UK & Europe

Let our broad experience be the key to your success!

Our Services

Our Services

FAA Online Groundschool

Ground instruction for FAA Private, Instrument, Commercial and CFI Certificates


Endorsements provided


UK PPL (A) Theory Exams

All required groundschool for the UK Private Pilot Licence Theoretical Knowledge  (TK) Exams

Exam sign off from the Head of Training & Exam sitting included if taken with us

Flight Simulator

Online or in person instruction using flight simulator software application to hone flight lessons before the real thing

FAA Currency Checks

We provide Certified Flight Instructors for FAA Flight Reviews (BFR) and Instrument Proficiency Checks in the UK and possibly other locations


FAA, UK & Online Training
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